Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's day disaster!

As it's Father's day today I thought I would make my Dad some cupcakes and decided on chocolate chip cupcakes as they are made with brown sugar, which I knew he likes. I also decided to make the brown sugar frosting (from Martha Stewart). Big, big disaster.

The mixture came together and I put them in the oven full of confidence, and then they came out and I knew something was wrong (see below). Yes they're golden brown but they were kind of fizzing and a bit flat looking.

I carried on, thinking they'd still be ok and made the frosting which came together well. I tried a little bit and wasn't happy, but thought the cake and the frosting would be ok. To be honest, I should have just put them in the bin there and then, but I wanted to try out my new piping tips.

Looking back, perhaps I should have left the butter out for a little longer, but even so. Ben and I tried one after dinner, had one mouthful and threw the whole lot in the bin. They tasted weird and almost like they hadn't cooked - when I knew they had. I have no idea what went wrong, I followed the recipe and used the correct ingredients. Any ideas?

The positive thing I suppose is that I like the piping tip. Also, I managed to make some Oreo truffles from Bakerella, which my Dad loves! However, it's so deflating when it goes wrong. Nevermind, we live and learn and next week I'm hoping to make some banana split cupcakes after seeing them on Cupcake Corner's blog.

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  1. Oh no! Such a shame you had to bin them. The piping looks great tho. I'm just debating if I should make carrot cake or oreo cupcakes or just carry on blogging and blog surfing :)