Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Malteser cupcakes

Ever since making both Oreo and Toblerone cupcakes i've been a big fan of putting confectionary into cupcake recipes so imagine my excitement when I saw I heart cupcake's post about Malteser cupcakes. I heart cupcakes is one of my favourite blogs, Anne talks about all things cupcakes as well as posting delicious recipes, so i'd recommend you check it out!

I wasn't sure how to make them and since I wanted to take them to work and I was short on time I decided to make mini cupcakes. The recipe was for 12 normal sized cupcakes and I ended up making 55 mini cupcakes (but don't worry, they were all eaten!). The recipe called for 1 malteser per cupcake, but as I did mini's I put half. They pretty much melted in the oven but gave a lovely taste. Here they are fresh out of the oven (I love the colour of them!)...

Anne's recipe had called for both chocolate and vanilla frosting but as I was short of time I decided to just do vanilla. I crushed the Maltesers in my food processor but they weren't as crushed as I'd hoped. However, looking back i'm actually glad of this as I love how you can see the maltesers in the frosing. Here are a couple of photos of how they looked finished.

Sorry for the rubbish quality of the photo above! I was really happy with how they turned out - they tasted lovely and I love the malteser decoration. Ben told me they were the best ones i've made to date and everyone at worked scoffed on them! Thanks Anne for sharing this great recipe :)

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Chocolate brownies!

So it's been a while since my last blog post! Things have been pretty hectic recently - I was ill a few weeks ago and then my boyfriend was so July has just flown by. This weekend has been a bumper baking weekend and it all started with Hummingbird's chocolate brownies. I've made these before but I just had to make them again.

The first time I made them I was convinced it was a fluke...they just tasted too good! However, they taste just as good second time round. I really recommend them to everyone. Also, the recipe says it makes 12, but I can make a good 25-35 slices - I suppose it depends how big you cut the slices.

Here is the chocolate and butter being melted...
Once it's melted together you add sugar followed by flour, then add the eggs. It's so simple and comes together really quickly.

Here they are fresh out of the oven...and cut into slices (look how flakey it is!)...
Hope everyone's having a good Sunday :)

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Banana split cupcakes

A little while ago I saw a recipe for banana split cupcakes on Cupcake Corner's blog and I was keen to give them a go as I was curious about putting strawberry and banana together. So I bought some yellow colouring and found some cute little cupcake cases in Lakeland, perfect for the recipe.

I've never coloured batter before so I was a little anxious about it, but the recipe itself came together really nicely and the instructions were easy to follow. I split the batter, put in the banana and strawberry extra and then coloured the batter. I was happy with how it was looking, though perhaps the yellow is a little too yellow? Perhaps.

I put them in the oven for about 20 minutes and when they came out they smelt delicious. I love how you can see the colours peaking through.

Time to decorate. Now my decoration seems to be my downfall but I must say I was pleased with the frosting and the piping, and with the cupcake case I think it all came together nicely.

Now for the moment of truth...did the 'split' between colours work?....

Hurrah! It worked. Ben and I quickly sampled them and Ben said they were the best cupcakes i've ever made - double hurrah! I would definately recommend this recipe, and Cupcake Corner - it's full of lovely recipes.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Start again!

After last weekend's disaster I decided to go back to the start, back to where it all began...to the classic vanilla cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. Ok, so not very exciting, but I needed to go back to a trusty recipe (especially in preparation for some other cupcakes I will be making soon!).

As usual, the recipe didn't let me down, here they are fresh out of the oven.

Time for frosting (I chose buttercream). I've seen some amazing frosting recently, making me very jealous, and again I am determined I will get better. Here are some of the results:

Definately not perfect but perhaps a small improvement. I reallly should fill up the cupcake cases a little more to prevent the paper coming away from the cupcake. Generally i'm happy though :)

I'm currently scoffing away on one while watching Glastonbury and wow they taste yummy!

P.s. they weren't quite meant to go as purple as they did, I got ahead of myself with the new colouring pastes I bought!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's day disaster!

As it's Father's day today I thought I would make my Dad some cupcakes and decided on chocolate chip cupcakes as they are made with brown sugar, which I knew he likes. I also decided to make the brown sugar frosting (from Martha Stewart). Big, big disaster.

The mixture came together and I put them in the oven full of confidence, and then they came out and I knew something was wrong (see below). Yes they're golden brown but they were kind of fizzing and a bit flat looking.

I carried on, thinking they'd still be ok and made the frosting which came together well. I tried a little bit and wasn't happy, but thought the cake and the frosting would be ok. To be honest, I should have just put them in the bin there and then, but I wanted to try out my new piping tips.

Looking back, perhaps I should have left the butter out for a little longer, but even so. Ben and I tried one after dinner, had one mouthful and threw the whole lot in the bin. They tasted weird and almost like they hadn't cooked - when I knew they had. I have no idea what went wrong, I followed the recipe and used the correct ingredients. Any ideas?

The positive thing I suppose is that I like the piping tip. Also, I managed to make some Oreo truffles from Bakerella, which my Dad loves! However, it's so deflating when it goes wrong. Nevermind, we live and learn and next week I'm hoping to make some banana split cupcakes after seeing them on Cupcake Corner's blog.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A little midweek treat

This week, I decided to treat myself to some new piping tips and found a cool little website called Sugarshack which I thought I'd try. After seeing some great results with these tips both online and in Martha's book I just couldn't resist.

I was really impressed with Sugarshack - I placed the order late on Friday evening and it arrived this morning. Plus, they came in this little plastic tupperware box which is perfect for storing little bits of pieces.

So what did I buy? I bought 2A and 8B and below is an example of the results from them (the snickerdoodle frosting is actually using 1A, 2A is slightly smaller). The photos are from Martha Stewart's website.

Really excited about trying these out, I know what i'll be doing this weekend!...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chocolate brownie cupcakes

As mentioned previously, I recently bought the Martha Stewart cupcake book and i've been desperate to try one of the recipes. My friend Gem is always raving about the chocolate brownie cupcakes and how delicious they are, so I just had to give them a go! She wasn't wrong, they were amazing!

So firstly, I had to melt the chocolate and butter together, which made me really hungry!

The next step was to whisk in the sugar and salt, followed by the eggs. Then to mix in the flour and cocoa powder. Such simple steps! Here they are about to go in the oven...

They came out of the oven about 20 minutes later - the recipe says 35 minutes but my oven's a little strange. I think they were actually slightly overdone, but my boyfriend disagreed!

Next up was to make the frosting. I decided to just do vanilla frosting, but again use Martha Stewart's recipe, as opposed to my normal Hummingbird book. I made more than I actually needed, but I was happy about that because normally I never have enough and there are always a couple of what I call "retard" ones that only have a splodge of frosting on.

Now I made these for a World Cup party I went to last night, and these aren't themed in the slightest but I bought some food paste from Squires recently and I really wanted to try it out - and everyone loves pink haha! The piping was better, but it's still not perfect - any tips?

I loved the brownies. They were quite dense, but then brownies are. Ben and I tried one before we left and were super impressed.

So, off we went to the World Cup party, which was a lot of fun. Plus, I got to put my efforts in my lovely new cake tins - I love the patterns on them!

All in all, a success! I would definately recommend the recipe - it's simple and the chocolatey-ness (that's not a word) is perfect.